Adopt High-Quality PIM Standards

Ensure an industry-leading brand representation with our integrated Product Information Management (PIM). Our comprehensive PIM module allows you to flexibly define your product data structure to suit your specific use case – no matter if fashion, food, or anything else.

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One Platform to Unify them All

Versatile Product Management

Universal Product Data

Universal Product Data

Access all product information from one data hub but stay flexible in handling data globally or shop-specifically – just as required by your brand strategy.

Flexible Product Data Structure

Flexible Product Data Structure

Effortlessly create multiple product data templates for specific parts of your assortment. Define mandatory values and specify predetermined information.

Powerful Bulk Updates

Powerful Bulk Updates

Apply a broad range of practical filters on product attributes or statuses and perform bulk updates of specific data on these preselected product sets.

Automated Product Refinement

Automated Product Refinement

Use customized rules for automated attribute mapping and reduce manual product refinement efforts while establishing the highest product data quality standards.

Rapid Media Management

Rapid Media Management

Upload, sort, and tag – administer your product media assets conveniently and effectively. Ensure fast, high-quality image delivery via a content delivery network (CDN).

Simple Translations

Simple Translations

Speed up translating product data by either using our built-in step-by-step translation interface or by uploading existing translation.

Your PIM for High Data Quality and Lean Workflows

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Your PIM for High Data Quality and Lean Workflows

Stay on Top of Your Data

Manage Your Assortment Quality with Product Statuses

Supplier data pushed into your system will likely vary largely in quality. Thus, our PIM enables you to flexibly set your own quality guidelines for all imported and entered product data. All new products will have to comply with your defined product data quality before going live. Different product statuses – set automatically or manually – will help you organize your products efficiently and create a solid foundation for optimized user experience, business intelligence, or personalization.

  • New Products Approve products before going live.
  • Problem Cases We support automatic and manual error detection.
  • Universal Quality Create universal quality guidelines with flexible attribute use.
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Just Let it Flow

Accelerated Product Refinement with Missions

Maintain productivity in the face of increased workloads.

Refine large numbers of products systematically by creating work packages. Prioritize these "missions," assign them to your staff to update the respective products step by step and track their progress.

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It can't get any easier!

Switch to Autopilot for High-Speed Operations

Buckle up for the express lane of launching products.

Comfortably manage permissions for your products to go live once their data quality reaches your predefined standards. Set your products on auto go-live or grant respective user permissions to manually set products to live status.

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Developed for Greatness

Don’t shy away from scaling high. Our PIM is enhanced for easy and efficient data handling, providing you with a powerful tool when facing growth-related challenges.

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