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Easily keep track of multiple-supplier stock with real-time inventories and virtual stock management. Aggregate products automatically and order them for supplier-specific prioritization. Take your strategy even further by managing prices for each shop separately or globally.

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Real-Time Stock

Real-Time Stock

Product stocks are updated via API in real-time and are immediately available for further operations in all parts of the system.

Virtual Stock Management

Virtual Stock Management

Our system keeps track of a virtual stock until the next inventory update to avoid overselling.

Stock Reservation

Stock Reservation

In addition to blocking a virtual product stock, our system can make reservations within warehouses’ physical inventory during the checkout process.

Global Price Handling

Global Price Handling

Set product prices on a global level for all your shops. No matter if unit prices, sale prices, or recommended retail prices (RRP) – specify all prices and their validity timeframe in one go.

Shop-Specific Prices

Shop-Specific Prices

Override global prices with shop-specific values. Assign individual prices varying by shop, customer group, or traffic source. Like B2B shop, VIP customer, or a newsletter campaign.

Price Update Approvals

Price Update Approvals

Avoid price errors and ensure your products always remain profitable by checking updated prices twice.

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In-Depth Price and
Inventory Control

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Take Charge of </br>In-Depth Price and </br>Inventory Control

Reduce the Complexity of Product Aggregation

Evolve Your Inventory Management

Prioritize inventory and manage stocks supplier-specifically.

01 Multiple-Supplier Product Aggregation

Import products from different suppliers and aggregate identical products based on identifiers like EAN automatically. Despite merging items to a master product, all source information to each original product is still available and ready to use.

02 Multiple Inventory Handling

Product stocks are managed based on the respective original items. That’s why our systems can precisely track which stocks are available by which supplier in which warehouse.

03 Prioritize Supplier Stock

If identical products are available from more than one source, you can prioritize the sale order and determine which supplier product you want to sell first.

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