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Convert against all odds by implementing your marketing vision right at the core of your shops. Design your product and shop structure strategically to nurture all your marketing efforts. Use our out-of-the-box features or customize on an expert level to genuinely connect with your customers.

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Deep-Rooted Marketing Orchestration

Flexible SEO Options

Flexible SEO Options

Improve your search engine results with optimized SEO settings. Gain access to a broad set of flexible configurations. Let us help you rank!

Automated Product Feed

Automated Product Feed

Use our product feed function to connect your shop to leading price search engines. Expand your storefront reach and pull more traffic into your shop with our automated feed.

Scheduled Sale Campaigns

Scheduled Sale Campaigns

Create sale campaigns matching most granular requirements to increase your revenue. Quickly select campaign products with handy filters and schedule your campaigns.

Customized Voucher Promotions

Customized Voucher Promotions

Tailor your vouchers to specific customer groups or parts of your assortment. Manage your vouchers straight from our panel or connect them via API to your marketing tools.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Simplify your SEM by connecting bidding services and automating the creation process for search engine ads – even for long-tail keywords.

Onsite Product Sorting

Onsite Product Sorting

Inject product sorting data as you need it – flexibly and without any limits. Use our standard sortings. Or add your own sorting rules and add advanced sorting logics.

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Marketing Options

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Generate Sales with Our **All-Round** </br>Marketing Options

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Benefit from our flexible infrastructure and connect your favorite marketing services to your back end and front end. We provide you with the best architectural design for your best-of-breed tool selection strategy. Connect quickly and smoothly – or use one of our growing selection of out-of-the-box integrations.

Underline Your Customer Appreciation

Power Up Your
Voucher Game

Strengthen brand loyalty and surpass your competition with incentives that matter.

Our intuitive voucher wizard will guide you through a quick-and-easy process to unlock the full potential of your incentivization. Tailoring your voucher is easy since our feature integrates with all relevant product and customer data.

  • Specify vouchers for customer groups, product segments, or order values.
  • Adapt the maximum amount, code style, and validity.
  • Immediately use vouchers after creating them.
  • Display voucher statistics in real-time.
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Inherently Performant

A Search Build to Find

Our search APIs deliver relevant results – no matter what. We enable you to build easily searchable product data and shop structures to surface products, categories, or brands just as your customers would expect from a genuinely intuitive and straightforward search. Our powerful elastic search contains everything you need to configure shop-specific results within the user panel.

  • Prioritize Attributes: Adjust our search algorithm with your product data.
  • Define Stop Words & Error Tolerance: Drive quick and relevant searches.
  • Create Synonym Lists: Fit your customers' needs with different languages.
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